Hi There, I'm Elizabeth Steinberg a South African, Emmy Winning Art Director. 

I thrive in creating useful and delightful design experiences, weaving motion into branding, product design and user experiences.
When I'm not tweaking pixels for studios, I also run a software/technology business with my husband, called Martian & Sons , managing a team of developers and designers from all over the world creating exciting new Web 3.0 tools to make our lives easier. 
Branding and Strategy, Information Design, Animation, UI/UX. Broadcast Design, Channel Re-branding, Show Packaging, Title Sequences, Motion graphics, Event Graphics.
Apple, BBC, Disney, Microsoft, Marvel, HBO, IBM, NBC, NFL, Paramount, Universal Studios, TSMC, 
Imaginary Forces, Buck, Roger, Digital Kitchen, Mocean...to name a few
Please feel free to contact me at e.j.steinberg(at)gmail...
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